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6 Common Holiday Disasters and How To Avoid Them

According to the National Fire Protection Associationthe most common caused holiday disasters are from the culprits below!

1. Christmas Trees

Live Christmas trees on average according to the NFPA cause an average of 160 house fires every holiday season! Causing over $10 million in property damages through insurance claims yearly. While live Christmas trees are beautiful, and fragrant, remember, just like many of your other household plants they need routine care. Be sure to water your tree often, and if you notice browning on the bristles, it’s time to toss it!

2. Holiday Decor

While we all love to decorate for the holidays, Christmas lights and decorations cause an average of 770 home fires each year! Be sure that while hanging Christmas lights on the exterior of your home, that those lights are made for the harsh Winter climate. Do not place lights on dead trees, or shrubs, and be sure to secure all connections in a proper area unexposed to the elements. Never overload a circuit with multiple strings of lights, this too can contribute to a combustive fire.

3. Candles

Unattended candles are one of the biggest year-round causes of house fires. But during the holiday season, that number jumps to an average of 21 homes per day affected by them. We all love the smell of a Christmas candle and the ambiance it sets inside of our home. However, if you plan to be gone for any extended period of time, please keep the number above in mind, and don’t become #22!

4. Cooking

Outside of Thanksgiving, Christmas Day is the next peak day of the year for cooking related fires and damages within the home. Be sure to keep all Christmas decorations away from open flames and other heat sources, and yes this means your kitchen!

5. Chimney’s

Clean that chimney! Before the holiday season begins, we advise you to clean your chimney from all debris, this includes creosote. Chimney fires are responsible for an average of 27% of all heating related fires. Never leave your fireplace unattended, and always thoroughly clean away ash and other debris after use.

6. Frozen Pipes

Water damage claims for leaking or frozen pipes that have busted account for a large portion of residential and commercial damages. On average, a claim for water damages runs many homeowners and business-owners alike at an average of over $10,000! If you plan to be home, or away, make sure that your thermostat is set to a consistent and reasonable temperature (68-55°F) is the average of what is recommended not only for safety, but comfort as well. Opening cabinets and interior doors, as well as keeping your cold water dripping from each faucet will help you avoid a water damage catastrophe mid holiday season.

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