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1st Call was a blessing throughout the entire project. Tim went above and beyond helping when he didn't even know if the insurance company was going to cover the damages. - Pam N

Questions Every Property Owner Should Ask Before Hiring A Restoration Company


Has your East Texas residential or commercial property encountered damages during a flood, fire, or storm? For most, the first place many home and business owners will go to is Google, but the options are seemingly endless for restoration services. Which company will provide you with the best service? Taking in both quality and cost, it’s important to have a few questions on hand that can help you make the best choice. In this blog we will discuss the top 4 questions every home or business owner should ask before hiring any restoration company for a water, fire, or storm damage service.


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5 Tips On How To Safely Use A Space Heater

While space heaters provide much needed warmth for the winter season, did you know that according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, space heaters are involved in more than 1,000 home fires every single year? The National Fire Protection Association also puts that figure into a more understandable context, noting that space heaters are responsible for 43% of home heating-related fires. This includes items like water heaters, and fireplaces. The NFPA also states that space heaters are responsible for 85% of associated deaths!


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5 Crucial Tips to Prepare Your Home for Winter in East Texas


Cold weather, ice, and snow can do some serious damage to your home. And while home maintenance is never fun, it’s extremely necessary for the overall health of your home, as well as your family. Along with insulating your piping, 1st Call Restoration wants to help keep you ahead of the game for the potentially harsh winter we may face this season here in East Texas. 


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What To Do If I’m Experiencing A Water Damage Emergency?


Did you know that on average in the United States alone, 14,000 Americans face a type of water damage emergency? With over $13 billion annually being spent on water damage repairs and mitigation. Water and flood damages can affect any property, regardless of age, or geographical location.


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6 Common Holiday Disasters and How To Avoid Them


Holiday gatherings with the ones we love are a part of what makes the holidays, well, the holidays. Spending time with family and loved ones brings the Christmas cheer, year after year. But did you know that insurance claims, and at home disasters are also the most common during the holiday season? 1st Call Restoration has a few tips to keep you, and your family filled with joy all Christmas long – without a disaster in sight!


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