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Contents Restoration

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Here at 1st Call Restoration, we have a dedicated team of Contents Restoration Specialists that apply a range of restoration processes to your personal effects after a disaster, in order to restore them to like new conditions. Contents Restoration applies to a whole range of different items from your home or business that have suffered damaged after a disaster such as a flood, fire, or storm. Contents Restoration Services are just as important during the mitigation and restoration process, as reconstruction and rebuilding. We believe this to be true because these items are especially important to you on a personal level. From family heirlooms to clothing, our team here at 1st Call Restoration can handle all your Contents Restoration needs.  

We care for your home and personal property, as if it was our own.

We understand the importance that your personal belongings hold, especially amid a disaster. Recovering from a flood, fire, or storm is more than just about the external parts of your home or property. These items from inside your home or business are the basis of your life, proving just as important to ensure that they are restored to their pre-damage condition. 1st Call Restoration’s contents restoration department knows how valuable these items are to our clients, and our professionals know how to diligently handle the entire process. From pack outs, pack ups, and pack backs, our team takes care of you every step of the way, keeping you informed on our process.  

Can my contents be saved after a disaster?

1ST Call Restoration has successfully recovered contents for a variety of property types, such as private residences, schools, universities, hotels, and commercial properties. While we cannot guarantee that all items within your damaged home or business can be salvaged, we do our best to inspect and separate items that are salvageable and ones that are not. However, our team of content restoration specialist are trained to handle most damages from floods, fire, and storms, including rugs, clothing, statues, pictures, and much more!  

What is the process for content restoration?

Our Contents Restoration Specialists will;  

  • Take inventory of your belongings and valuable possessions 
  • Carefully pack and protect your items   
  • Transfer everything packed to our secure facility to be cleaned and detailed
  • We will deliver your items back to your home, and put them back where they belong 

What can be restored after a flood, fire, or storm damage emergency?

Our Services include;

  • Textile Restoration
  • Commercial Restoration Services
  • Document Restoration
  • Art Restoration
  • Firearms Restoration
  • Jewelry Restoration
  • Residential Restoration Services
  • Catastrophe Services
  • Antique Restoration
  • Electronics Restoration
  • Furniture Restoration
  • Contents Restoration Services
  • Clothing Restoration

Offering Contents Restoration Services for Northeast and East Texas counties

1st Call Restoration Contents Specialists provide residential and commercial restoration services to all areas that we service as a company. From Dallas County to Gregg County and everything in between. Offering full Pack Out and Pack Back services to our clients in the event of a catastrophic loss due to a flood, fire, or storm damage emergency. In addition, we treat each project as if it was our own, as we firmly believe that recovery and restoration should never be as painful or stressing as the loss you have already suffered. The loss of irreplaceable memories and family heirlooms is one of the hardest things to experience when you are already facing so much. Let us take are of that for you.  

As a client of ours, you have our promise and guarantee that we will deliver quick, and exceptional quality restoration services. We utilize the most advanced technology on the market paired with skilled, knowledgeable and caring contents restoration specialists to provide you with a problem-free experience while your items are in our care.  

Call us today – we are here for YOU.

If you have been affected by a flood, fire or storm disaster and need expert contents restoration services, you can call us any time day or night here at 1st Call Restoration. Our team provides over 100 years of industry knowledge and expertise when it comes to disaster recovery and restoration services and are always ready to help you get your life back!  

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