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Water Damage Restoration

Has your home or business suffered water damage?

Water damage can come from many sources such as;

  • Flooding  
  • Sewer Overflow  
  • Busted Pipes 

1st Call Restoration is here to help you, during your time of need!  

Our team of certified water damage restoration and mitigation technicians provide emergency service any time, any day for any water clean-up service, at a price that you can afford.  

Your safety is our priority  

We will always ensure a safe and healthy environment for you and your family, while we are on the job, and after we are completed.  

Give our expert water damage restoration and mitigation team a call today! 

What makes 1st Call Restoration your top choice?

Here at 1st Call Restoration, our expert team of technicians are truly professionals in their trade. From water damage emergencies to water restoration services, we remain the #1 choice in our market for any water damage emergency.  

  • 24/7 Emergency water damages, including removal and restoration 
  • Top rated by customers on Facebook and Google  
  • 60+ Years of expert knowledge in water damage and water restoration emergencies 
  • Certified and verified
  • We work for YOU, your safety, and satisfaction
  • Our company works with ANY homeowner’s insurance company 

A water damage restoration and removal company that you and your family can count on. 

While we are locally owned and operated, our team of professional water damage restoration technicians know their way around ANY water damage emergency – we’ve seen it all! So when it comes to either an accident, weather, or other related water damage to your home or business, there isn’t a company out there that can compare.  

We are all hands-on deck when you call 1st Call Restoration for your home or business water damage emergency needs. 

We provide any professional water damage restoration service that you may need 

From water removal, structural drying, flood damages, and sewage cleanup, we take great pride in assisting you with any water damage emergency that you may face.  

Our process

We can and will respond to your call within 60-90 minutes. Water damage is always an emergency. Within a short period of time in our Texas climate, water damage can cause long lasting and devastating issues. Such as mold, mildew, wood rot, fungus, odors, warping and staining if not property removed from your home. We utilize the latest technology to assist our clients with quickly removing water from your flooded home or business, returning your property back to normal in record time.  

We will: 

  • Respond within 45 minutes. Dispatching to our team of water damage restoration technicians to your home.  
  • Assess and begin taking action to remove water from the affected area 
  • Restore your property, and salvage what we are able 
  • And most importantly, we will restore your peace of mind, and get you back to living your life. 

Our team of professionals take great pride in taking care of you. Providing their extensive knowledge of water damage and water restoration during a disaster and applying it so that you can relax knowing that you are taken care of the entire process.  

We Speak Insurance  

If you need to file a claim with your home insurance company for any water damages caused to your home or property, our team of dedicated and knowledgeable project managers will communicate directly with your adjuster on your behalf. Our goal is to efficiently work toward a conclusion to your claim as quickly as possible. Our project managers will assess and document all water damage and restoration needs with digital images and record all moisture readings.  

We are here to serve you.  

Why Choose Us

IICRC Certified Technicians – 24/7 On Call Emergency Service – Available within 60 Minutes – Free Estimates – Work with your Insurance Company

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Let our team of certified restoration technicians take care of your home emergency restoration needs. We will care for you and your home with advanced procedures and a caring heart as if it was our own!