Emergency Service - Any Time, Any Day

1st Call was a blessing throughout the entire project. Tim went above and beyond helping when he didn't even know if the insurance company was going to cover the damages. - Pam N

Storm Damage

Being located in North Texas and the middle of Tornado Alley, we know how serious storms can be, which is why we provide emergency service any time, any day for storm damage and restoration.

Even when Texas twisters aren’t flaring up, strong winds, rain, hail and flash floods can cause significant damage. No matter if you are dealing with lightning strikes that have caused complete destruction, fallen trees, broken windows, flooding or other weather-related catastrophes, we will assist you in an efficient and cost-effective way.

Types of Storm Damage We Professionally Handle:

Immediately following a storm, we will assist you with securing the structure, extracting water, evaluating items that may be salvageable and removing debris at your residential or commercial property. It is imperative to call 1st Call Restoration and begin this process as soon as possible to avoid additional damage or destruction, as sometimes these storms come in waves.

While our first imperative is minimizing further storm damage and securing your property safely, 1st Call Restoration will also help you develop an overall restoration strategy.  This saves you time, money and the headaches of having to think about everything that needs to be done to get your property back to normal. 

If a claim is filed, our project managers will communicate directly with the adjuster to coordinate an inspection of the damage and efficiently work toward an equitable conclusion to your claim. Throughout the process, our project manager will document the damage with digital photos and help you submit your claim.

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