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1st Call was a blessing throughout the entire project. Tim went above and beyond helping when he didn't even know if the insurance company was going to cover the damages. - Pam N

Water Removal

Water Removal is the first, and often most important, step to combating water damage. Contact 1st Call Restoration now so we can help you reduce the overall cost of insurance claims by starting the water removal (water extraction) process immediately. The faster we can start, the better – 1st Call Restoration can help you reduce your claim cost by salvaging integral structural pieces, as well as prevent long-term damage to your drywall, sub-flooring, cabinets, tile, hardwood flooring or carpets.

With 1st Call Restoration, the water will be gone before you know it by utilizing deep water extraction methods that can remove moisture from areas that traditionally needed to be torn out and replaced after water loss. We use truck-mounted vacuums along with industrial-grade pumps to remove hundreds or thousands of gallons of water from your home or business…quickly!

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